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For sure you won´t find literature classics in the Chopping Library. It is a collection of wooden boards designed to prepare and present food. The size of every single board varies. The concave inner surface of the „book“ makes it handy while the title on the back of the board gives a hint of its field of use.

Chopping Library is meant to be stored in the place where the boards formally fit best: between your (cook)books.




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Varied cooking is related to lots of tools and a spacious kitchen – or isn´t it? Babel 2.0 is a funtional six-piece kitchen object designed to prepare and present meals. The ensemble consists of four different bowls plus a colander and a basket. It remains compact and “disguised” as a fruitbowl on the kitchen tabletop.




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3rdqualityfirst benefits from that what normally characterizes porcelain to be second quality.  It is a wall clock, traditionally moulded, fired and glazed. The face of the clock is originally located on the back side of the object. While firing it becomes slightly visible on the front side. So a functional and unique element is created out of a lack of quality.



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The Spaceshuttle is a ceramic, non-flying kitchen object. Its upper and lower sides resemble a dining plate, a spacious opening on the side allows accessing the inner body. The spaceshuttle invites storing various items and provides for additional room on its surface. Not overly special, or is it?